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Everyone has a story. Sometimes they just need help shaping and sharing it. That's where I come in.

Black Notebook
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Stories, really good ones, get me every time.

I've always loved them.

Luckily, I was born into a family filled with so many big personalities there's never a shortage of stories.

I was the little kid who would just sit listening to my parents, aunts and uncles joking around or arguing with each other. 

I couldn’t get enough of hearing how they met, the pranks they played on each other, their heartaches and greatest joys. I always had more follow-up questions. I'd love to say they all indulged me. The reality? Not everyone welcomed my early “interviews" and stories had to be earned.  

I knew my more reserved relatives had plenty to say, they just weren't used to someone listening. When they finally opened up? Just wow. Their tales were often  more interesting and entertaining than the ones from the most outgoing relatives.

Those stories, from the wacky to the tragic, keep me connected and grounded. Whenever I have a bad day, I draw strength from all those past escapades.

That power, of a shared experience, stayed with me and shaped my approach to journalism. 

Covering the financial services industry since 2001, my expertise is sharing stories of leadership that hopefully encourage and help others. 

Observing and listening to people, asking the right questions to unveil the nuggets of good all around us- that’s just part of my DNA. 

Need more experience details? Check me out on LinkedIn.

I'm using my talents now to help those who are too busy to share the good they do every single day.

Are you ready to get your story out?

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